Things To Know Of Non-Legal Or Symbolic Wedding In Bali

There are many ways to enjoy and fully utilize your time in Bali. One of them is getting married in some of the most sophisticated Bali villa rentals. If you are up for this idea, one of the best ceremonial picks is the symbolic or non-legal wedding. The option gives you leeway to celebrate and some unique choices to partake in. Here is some info about it.

Non-Legal Wedding Without Legal Certificate Requirement

One of the things that make people tie their knot in Bali is its beauty. However, the long paperwork and local authorities’ laws can make the process painstaking. That is why non-legal weddings or symbolic ceremonies are pretty common in Bali. It means that the couple only holds the party and does all of the legal paperwork in their home country.

It also means that the couple does not have to file any requirements for the wedding. They don’t need to go to the embassy, local marriage office, do the paperwork, and pay more for the process. It is also a great option for a couple with different religions and a same-sex wedding. Many Villa rentals might also come with the package for your big day.

Types Of Non-Legal Wedding

  1. Symbolic

Just as the name says, the symbolic wedding means you can celebrate the day without telling the vow. In many cases, the celebrant of the wedding is not the real priest. The ceremony mostly only focuses on the party event. In this modern-day, the symbolic party is very popular in Bali and Lombok because it doesn’t need long planning.

  1. Blessing Ceremonies

If you are looking for a unique wedding day, Bali also has a blessing ceremony. The Balinese priest or Pemangku will perform the special vow. In this case, the ceremony will take around 30 minutes. The unique blessing is in the Balinese language with some traditional rituals, such as offering, costumes, and activities.

  1. Renewal Vows

Another good option for a non-legal wedding is renewal vows. Some villa rentals accept this type of ceremony in which the couple will renew their promises. Again, the highlight is the party and the fun procession. So, you can choose places, themes, and packages for your targeted villa wedding place.

To conclude, a non-legal wedding can be one of the greatest options for foreigners that want a merry celebration. The celebrant does not need to file any paperwork, certificate, or follow local wedding law. So, everyone can do it. It also comes in many forms, such as symbolic, blessing, or renewal. You can do whatever fits your occasion.

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